How To Read A Book summary

How to Read a Book Summary | Mortimer Adler

How To Read A Book summary

Life gets busy. Has How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler been on your reading list? Learn the key insights now.

We’re scratching the surface in this How to Read a Book summary. If you don’t already have Mortimer Adler’s popular book on philosophy, self-help, and education, get the audiobook for free to learn the juicy details.


Imagine a world where every book, no matter how complex or lengthy, becomes accessible. A place where the densest material unfolds into understandable concepts, unveiling a world of knowledge that seemed beyond reach. This is the gateway Mortimer Adler opens through his transformative work, “How to Read a Book”. Adler anchors readers into the art of reading with precision, an essential skill often assumed mastered but scarcely understood. Dive into a journey where the layers of reading evolve, revealing the tools to extract wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from any book you lay your hands on.

About Mortimer Adler

Mortimer Adler was a man of letters, a philosopher of repute, and an author par excellence. Born in 1902 in New York City, Adler made his mark through his prolific writings and contributions to the great books of the Western world. He studied at Columbia University, navigating through the complexities of philosophy and earning respect as a prominent thinker. Among his famous works, “The Idea of Freedom” and “Ten Philosophical Mistakes” stand testament to his intellectual prowess. Adler’s quest for knowledge and his aspiration to democratize reading remain his enduring legacy.

StoryShot #1: Unleashing the Four Levels of Reading

Adler introduces us to four distinct levels of reading: Elementary, Inspectional, Analytical, and Syntopical. These aren’t just stages, but an evolutionary journey where each level builds upon the last, morphing passive readers into active, critical thinkers.

StoryShot #2: Mastering the Art of Elementary Reading

Remember learning the alphabet? Adler takes us back, painting a vivid picture of the genesis of reading. Elementary reading is foundational, yet integral, knitting the basic structure upon which advanced skills are built.

StoryShot #3: Inspectional Reading – A Glimpse into the Soul of a Book

Ever judged a book by its cover? There’s an art to skimming and superficial reading, an overlooked skill that, when mastered, offers a glimpse into the soul of a book, unveiling its essence without delving deep.

StoryShot #4: Analytical Reading – Extracting Wisdom

Reading is a skill, a complex one that’s mastered over time. We are neither born with it, nor does the conventional educational system equip us adequately. Analytical reading, as introduced by Adler, isn’t about speed but understanding. It’s the meticulous process of dissecting a book, peeling away its layers to expose the author’s intentions, arguments, and the hidden treasure of insights. This isn’t reading for the sake of it – it’s an investigative journey, a detective’s scrutiny where every sentence and phrase is a clue leading to the grand revelation of wisdom encapsulated in the pages.

StoryShot #5: What Are You Reading?

Books aren’t created equal, and neither should our approach to reading them be. “How to Read a Book” provides a tailored roadmap. Whether it’s a novel, a play, a poem, a science book, or a philosophical discourse, each genre requires a specialized approach, a unique set of tools to unveil the knowledge encrypted within its pages. So next time you pick up a book, ask yourself – what am I reading? And remember, Adler’s wisdom is your compass.


Adler’s work, while immensely enlightening, could potentially be seen as prescriptive. The step-by-step methodology, while invaluable, might at times feel stringent. The art of reading, after all, is deeply personal and subjective, and while guidelines are beneficial, there’s always the danger of constraining the free-spirited nature of reading.


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