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StoryShots AI

What do AI credits do?

At this time, AI credits allow you to generate key insights for almost any book “outside” our existing collection. This will practically give you access to over 300,000 books. In the future, we may empower you to generate quizzes, action steps, courses, etc. on the fly using AI.

Login issues

I can’t login. I’m getting a continuous looping loader when I try to sign in with email. I’m getting “Invalid Dynamic Link” error when I try to sign in by email.

Please make sure to open the link in the same browser window where you attempted to log in. If you receive the email on a different browser, right-click on the link in the email, copy its address, and paste it into the same browser tab.

If you’re logging in to the apps, ensure the email is opened in your mobile browser (not the mobile email “app”). Long press the link, then choose to open it in the native app. If you receive the email on a different device, send yourself the link’s address via social media apps and open it on your mobile device.

If the issue persists, please send a simple screen recording to our support or provide more details and screenshots.

I redeemed my AppSumo code but I don’t have premium access yet. What should I do?

Please try signing out and back or reinstalling the app. Make sure you’re using the same credentials and login method as you used on the site. For any further issues, feel free to contact our support.

I get stuck on the sign-in screen. What should I do?

Open the Settings app. Tap Apps and then See all apps. Scroll down to “Google Play Services.” Tap Google Play Services. Tap Storage and then Clear Cache. Repeat the same steps for “Google Play Store“. Note that you may need to Force Stop the app before clearing its cache. Repeat the same steps for “StoryShots“.

Purchase Issues

I’m getting “Your transaction cannot be completed. Please make sure your Play Country is correct.”

According to Google, if you receive this error while attempting an in-app purchase, please make sure your Play country is correct. If you have recently moved to another country, see here instructions on how to change your settings. 

If your country in your Play setting is correct, but you are still seeing the error, please submit your case for review by clicking the submit button below. Please make sure you are using the same email as your Play account. 

Once your case has been reviewed, the investigations team will reach out to you, typically within 3 business days. Do not fill out multiple forms as it may prolong the process.

Other Issues

Why are some books marked as “Premiere Q1 2023” or “Coming Soon”?

Even though some books in our collection already have good content, we’ve marked them this way because we want to make them great! We provide the world’s most diverse content for each book and offer it at the most affordable pricing. This means we have to spend weeks and thousands of dollars more on each book (compared to our competitors, who may only provide text and robotic text-to-speech audio content). Additionally, we can gather some feedback on the existing content to improve it. Think of it as releasing the content in beta instead of perfecting it first and holding it back from our users.

I can’t install the app. I’m getting “This app won’t work for your device”.

To resolve this matter, we kindly ask you to follow these steps: First, ensure that your device’s operating system is up to date. Check for any available system updates and install them if applicable. Next, verify that the Google Play Store app itself is up to date. Open the Google Play Store app. At the top right, tap the profile icon. Tap Settings and then About and then Play Store version. You’ll get a message that tells you if the Play Store is up to date. Tap Got it. If the problem persists, try force closing the Google Play Store app. Then, clear the app’s cache by going to Settings> Apps> Google Play Store> Storage> Clear cache. Afterward, clear the app’s data by selecting “Clear data” or “Clear storage” in the same menu. If the previous steps don’t resolve the issue, we recommend reaching out to Google Play’s support directly.

Is the app free forever?

Yes! Our mission is to make the key ideas of the best nonfiction books accessible to everyone. A teenager in rural India should have the same access to the lessons of these great books as a hedge fund manager in New York. As a result, we will always have a free ad-supported tier.

Is StoryShots an alternative to reading books?

No. Nothing replaces reading a great book cover to cover. But StoryShots helps you learn the key ideas of the books that are gathering dust in your bookshelf or to discover new exciting reads. You may also use it to review the key lessons of the books you’ve read before to refresh your memory. Our book reviews can only scratch the surface of the books that authors have poured years of work into.

My card / UPI doesn’t work. What should I do?

Google handles the payments and takes a cut out of our sales in exchange. We don’t have access to your financial details. You may want to contact Google Play Store support or your bank.

How many books will you add? How often will you add new books?

We spend a lot of time handpicking the best content out there or creating original content from scratch (and giving everything away for free while our competitors charge 10-15 USD/month). It’s a lengthy and expensive process but worth it! We’re adding 1-2 new books per week. We feature 1 book per week by sending out push notifications, sending a newsletter, or as a social media post.

Do I need to hire a professional or can I use what I learn with StoryShots myself?

As mentioned in our terms of use, our content may contain errors or inconsistencies. We advise you to consult a professional first before applying anything you learn via StoryShots (esp. for health or financial topics).

I already paid but the app is asking me to pay again. Why?

Try restoring your purchase from the purchase screen. If that doesn’t help, it may be a temporary glitch on Apple and Google’s side. If you try in a few hours and the issue is still remaining, contact our support.

Some books that were already in your collection have been removed. Why?

We have removed some books temporarily to improve the quality of their content. Stay tuned for news about their republication via our newsletter or push notifications.

How can I contribute to your mission?

You can join us in making it easy for everyone to learn from nonfiction books by contributing your own “shots”, becoming a premium member, writing a review or simply spreading the word. ?

Do you support the ideas of the books in your collection?

Not necessarily. But we support freedom of speech and keeping an open and curious mind.

How can I filter for books based on how much free time I have?

Look under Search screens on Android and Categories on iOS for categories of audio shots under 10, 20, 30, and 40 minutes. Books under 15, 25, 35, 45, and 50 minutes can be found by searching for #15m, #25m, #35, #45, #50.

What’s your relationship with Amazon?

StoryShots is an approved Amazon Associates affiliate. This means that the links in our app and website may be affiliate links. If you buy through any of our links, we may get a small commission. These commissions help us keep the app free and improve the content.

Can I use StoryShots on desktop (Microsoft Windows / PC or Mac)?

We have a simple web app available for our lifetime members that also includes additional text shots not in the apps.

We don’t have official support for native desktop app. But selected Samsung users can run the app on Windows today. See here for more info. You may also use BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to run Android apps on Windows.

The good news is that Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 will allow Android apps to run natively on Windows as well.

Apple M1 Mac users may also run our app on their machines. This support is experimental.

Please contact our support if you have any other questions.

How can I delete my StoryShots account?

Thanks for giving us a shot. You can delete your account from under the Settings screen in the mobile app. We would appreciate if you could also contact our support and provide feedback.

What should I do if I don’t want to miss out on new books or your deals?

Simple. The best way is to allow notifications in the app and sign up to our newsletter. We send out 1-2 notifications per week and 4-6 emails per month. The second best way is to check our What’s New page regularly and follow us on social media.

Do you offer any discounts?

We currently offer the industry’s lowest-priced service as making it easy for everyone to learn from books is our top priority. That said, keep an eye out for our promotions by allowing notifications in the app, signing up to our newsletter and following us on social media.

If you write a 400+ word online article about StoryShots or make a 3-min video review on YouTube, we can provide you with free lifetime access. Your blog should have at least 5,000 monthly visitors and your YouTube channel should have at least 2000 subscribers. Email us to apply.

I’m an author. Can you add my book?

It depends. If you believe your book adds value to our global community of lifelong learners, you should apply by emailing us.

Can you add audiobooks for ALL books?

Our mission is to make the key lessons of bestselling books accessible to everyone. However, if we find a public audiobook, we will link to it. Not all books have public versions. To add audiobook versions for all books, we’ll need to increase our subscription fees to pay for admin, server, licensing fees, etc. There are also great apps like Audible that have generous free trial offers. At this time, we think adding audiobooks to the app will distract us from our core mission.

If you prefer to pay more for a different subscription and have access to the high-quality audiobook version of ALL books, or if you would like to buy books directly inside StoryShots, feel free to upvote this feature using our “Vote for new features” form under Settings screen so that we can prioritize it.

Can I translate, narrate or animate the content?

Yes! See contributing your own shots.

What is this Serendipity Feed?

It’s basically our attempt to fight the overpersonalization imposed on us by Google, Facebook and many more companies. We believe this gives us tunnel vision and biases. So, the books are shuffled randomly every now and then to bring up books to the surface you may not otherwise bump into.

Why can’t I listen to audio while browsing other books? I want a floating mini-player.

We are aware that many podcast and video apps support this feature. But. we believe in single-tasking and focus. If you think we’re wrong, vote up this feature using the “Vote for new features” survey inside the app.