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Blackout Book Summary and Review | Candace Owens

How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation

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In Blackout, Candace Owens argues that Black people’s automatic allegiance to the Democratic party is illogical and unearned. She states that the Democratic Party has a long history of racism. Plus, she exposes the ideals that hinder the black community’s ability to rise above poverty, live independent and successful lives, and be an active part of the American Dream. As an alternative, Owens challenges Black people to engage in a major black exodus. From dependency, from victimhood, from miseducation-and the Democratic Party.

Candace Owens’ Perspective

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump activism, and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party. In October 2018, Owens launched the Blexit movement. The Blexit movement is a campaign to encourage African Americans to abandon the Democratic Party. She worked for the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA between 2017 and 2019. She hosts the Candace Owens Show on PragerU’s YouTube channel.

“For too long we have been misled by Democrats, who have depended upon our votes for power. For too long we have been made to believe that the state is sovereign, that we cannot lead prosperous lives without assistance from the government. But the truth is that we do not belong to the Democrat Party, nor do we belong to their socialist creed. We answer not to the false god of government, but to the one true God of our faith. Socialism is the gospel of envy and the sharing of misery, and our time within the pages of its history is coming to an end.”

– Candace Owens

Compromise of 1877

President Hayes, who was a Republican, made a compromise back in the 19th century. The Democrats agreed to let Hayes win the election of 1877 if the Republicans removed their army in the south. Hayes compromised and accepted their offer. Once that protection was removed, this inundated the South with a swathe of bad things. For example, decades of oppression encouraged by the Jim Crow laws, segregation, and the KKK.

Lament vs. Promise

Democrats lament about black people having issues and problems. Then, they promise to do something about it. These promises help acquire black people’s votes. However, the democrats then do nothing when they gain power. This is a cycle of lamenting and promising. The democrats continually lament the difficulties that black people experience, yet do not follow through on their promises. This is a political tool to keep Black people voting for them and stems from an expectation they have the Black vote rather than aiming to win the Black vote.

Cancel Culture Shaped Candace’s Life

Candace Owens was the victim of a hate crime when she was a teenager. She was sent voice messages filled with racist slurs and violent threats. However, she uses this chapter to talk about how she was also the victim of cancel culture when talking about this traumatic experience. Specifically, she had conversations with NBC during this time. NBC claimed they were trying to help her. However, when she pushed back against what she saw as black victimization, cancel culture took over. Candace explains that she has been tackled by cancel culture throughout her time as a student, political commentator, and business owner. She is viewed by both the Black and White communities as a traitor and is subsequently canceled. Candace believes that we need to challenge the idea that the Democrats deserve Black people’s votes and start listening to Black conversatives’ opinions rather than canceling them. 

Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Proposal

“Leftism is defined as any political philosophy that seeks to infringe upon individual liberties in its demand for a higher moral good.”

– Candace Owens

Lyndon B. Johnson had the goal of making the US a better place through social programs. However, these social programs had a hugely negative impact on Black communities and the Black family. Candace Owens provides statistics supporting how these social programs, especially the Great Society Act, negatively impacted Black communities. Plus, she presents quotes from Lyndon B. Johnson, where he used the N-word. Candace explains that Lyndon B. Johnson was manipulative and would alter his political approach when he felt like he might lose the Black vote. This involved inviting the black communities in and giving them what they wanted, but preventing them from moving up in the social hierarchy. Candace views ex-President Johnson as a classic Democrat who views Black people as below them and in need of social support.

Shouldn’t vs. Couldn’t

“The belief that White people must assume all the responsibility for Black America’s shortcomings is a form of White Power, for one would have to take the thesis that Black America is not responsible for any of its own shortcomings in a free society.”

– Candace Owens

Before the civil rights act of 1964, there was a mindset that Black people couldn’t do certain things with their lives. This idea came from the government’s portrayal of Black people and white supremacy in society. After the civil rights act, it then became that Black people shouldn’t do certain things with their lives. Candace argues that since the civil rights act, Democrats have been arguing that Black people shouldn’t be able to do impressive things with their lives because of their circumstances. Hence, this leads to society believing that Black people need some help to get to the same position as white people. Candace Owens describes this mentality as victimhood. This victimhood is built upon white power. White people do not accept that Black neighborhoods can take responsibility for their shortcomings. Therefore, they belittle Black communities by providing support and aid. These actions feed the victim narrative adopted by left-wing Black communities.

Shame Should Be Embraced

Candace Owens provides an example of an event in her life that she is deeply ashamed of. However, instead of hiding away from this mistake, Candace decided to embrace her shame. She encourages readers to do the same. Take your regrets and the negative connotations of mistakes and turn them into a positive opportunity to grow and improve. 

Candace also provides the example of an old friend of hers called Alexa, who went a separate way to Candace. Alexa wanted to be an actress and go to Hollywood, while Candace just decided to put her head down, work hard, and pay off her 100,000 dollar student loan. Candace was able to pay off this loan. All the while, her friend Alexa was not paying off her student loan at all. This was when her friend started to embrace socialism and leftist thinking. She started to become bitter and blame the world, society, and ‘the man’ for her failings. Instead of embracing her shame and working hard to improve herself, Alexa decided to blame external factors. Candace believes that this blame culture is a massive part of the Democratic character. They are not willing to look at themselves internally and better themselves.

Thug Culture Links to Victimhood

“It is unfathomable that black parents would continue to put their children’s future at risk by pledging allegiance to abysmal public schools when the option to drastically improve their educational circumstances sits before them. It is even more unfathomable that liberals would ask them to. Is it not ironic that the same people who claim the American workforce is racist and that black Americans have a harder time securing jobs and moving up the corporate ladder would at the same time do all they can to prevent workplace preparedness by advocating against the best available paths for education? It is too often the case that those with the loudest voices against school choice are the very same Democrats who send their own kids to private schools. Their astounding hypocrisy is evidence of a more sinister intention, I believe. Perhaps Democrats simply understand that uneducated black children transform into uneducated adults, and uneducated adults are far more easily controlled by mass propaganda than those who think critically for themselves.”

– Candace Owens

Black culture has now made it cool to be the underclass and a non-achiever. This approach to life has a significant impact on Black children and their willingness to work hard and study. Specifically, Candace Owens describes it as trying to act as different from White as possible. Subsequently, Democratic nominees have started trying to show that they can understand this thug culture. For example, Hilary Clinton talking about ‘hot sauce in the pocket.’ Hilary went onto the Breakfast Club, trying to pander to this black radio program. Similarly, Joe Biden was quoted as saying that people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.”

Trump is the President Black people Needed

Trump was the kind of man who dared to speak the truth and break past black people’s victimization. He was willing to be honest. This honest, coupled with him not being an establishment republican, gave him considerably more recognition among Black communities. Although Candace Owens was initially critical of Trump, she now believes he is the right President at the right time for Black people.

Black People Need the Constitution

“In a truly free society, individuals are granted responsibility for themselves. Freedom necessitates that we learn how to provide for ourselves, contributing value in whatever form, to generate personal income. We then decide how we wish to spend or save earned income; freedom is the reward for fulfilling personal responsibilities.”

– Candace Owens

In modern society, the constitution is frequently viewed as outdated and no longer relevant. However, Candace Owens argues that the constitution keeps all people, especially Black people, free. The constitution keeps our fabric and laws together by arguing that we get our laws and governance from a higher power rather than from humankind. Our rights cannot be taken from us, which encourages freedom for people.

Prisoner vs. Sunlight

“My challenge to every American is simple: reject the Left’s victim narrative and do it yourself. Because we will never realize the true potential that this incredible country has to offer—in the land of the free and the home of the brave—if we continue to be shackled by the great myth of government deliverance.”

– Candace Owens

Candace Owens provides an analogy that was initially introduced by Plato. People are clumped into a dark cave and can’t see. One person manages to break out and experiences sunlight for the first time in months. As the individual has been in the cave for so long, they struggle to handle the sunlight’s brightness. However, it is possible to adapt to this blinding light eventually. It takes time for your brain to adapt to the sunlight. Candace explains that, after adapting, you can see the true process. Previously, you were in the darkness. Then, what you initially thought was your enemy, the sunlight, was actually helping you. Subsequently, you want to go back into the darkness to free the other people left in the cave. However, you have now adjusted to the sunlight, so you cannot see anything in the darkness. It is challenging to free people from this darkness, especially if they see the light as their enemy. Despite how hard it is, though, it is worth the effort to help people away from victimhood and darkness. 


We rate Blackout 4.2/5.

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Blackout Summary
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  1. I agree with the above whole heartedly and truly wish there were a lot more Candace Owens who can think and decide for themselves. I don’t do support facebook, Twitter nor any other entity that are supported by conglomerate/people who want to control other people – George Soros, et. at.

    I’m curious as to why Oprah Winfrey is NOT supporting Owens and NOT allowing society to control someone. Is she afraid of offending people who support her? It looks like it to me.

  2. There’s a lot to be said and learn from this synopsis. It would help, perhaps teach, millions of people the truthfulness of what is written here. Americans should be made aware of this rather than what the democrats always promise, which most likely, are broken, if not empty. Americans who fail to practice or train themselves of this phenomenon are closed minded and would rather live the life of failure that the democrats have instilled in them.
    I would love to see this published in Facebook and other social medias, if they are so inclined to share the truth.

  3. Awesome.what a cool lady. So true how these politicians who are paid by the people to look after families and communities control us with their ugliness.

  4. This seems to lack scientific rigor.
    – Personal anecdotes cannot be extrapolated to entire complex, societal problems.
    – The historic democratic party clearly did not hold the same beliefs as today’s democratic party. It is fallacious to argue that one should forsake today’s political organization because of what it used to stand for and is now completely opposing.
    – It is not possible for all of society to reach the same level of prosperity. Capitalism needs cheap labor, people who have the capital gain more capital more easily. Which means that even if more black people got out of poverty, there would be other groups that would in turn become more impacted by poverty. Working isn’t enough to get out of poverty. It takes generations to accumulate wealth. In the meantime, help and redistribution are always welcome.
    – By asking people to choose one party over an other, she is herself infantilizing black people. As if they cannot find an alternative to two traditions that do not have their best interests at heart. In cities that have a large black population, it is absolutely imaginable to have candidates from alternative parties run for office and be elected.
    – by advocating for school choice, she will be hurting black people first, those who do not have the means to homeschool or send their kids to private schools, since the budget that’s supposed to be allocated to public schools will go to already healthy and affluent schools.
    – Plus she forgot to mention the Republicans’role in the fight against desegregation. I see she has a selective memory. Or maybe it’s pure dishonesty.

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