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Super Attractor Summary and Review | Gabrielle Bernstein

Life gets busy. Has Super Attractor been gathering dust on your bookshelf? Instead, pick up the key ideas now.

We’re scratching the surface here. If you don’t already have the book, order the book or get the audiobook for free to learn the juicy details.

In the book summary of Super Attractor, you will discover:

  • 3 of the most powerful methods for manifesting your desires
  • The key to rewriting even your most deeply held beliefs
  • The 1 “act of creation” you can tap into at any given moment

The Law of Attraction works. Did you know that 99% of people don’t achieve their dreams, and about 1% of people believe in and use the Law of Attraction?

These statistics are staggering, but what’s even more surprising is that 40% of people believe in the Law of Attraction and aren’t using it.

Some of these people may have tried in the past and failed.

Whether you believe in attraction or not, you should read Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. In this book, we learn about the Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Perspective

Gabrielle Bernstein is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, and self-proclaimed spirit junkie.

She has written eight books, including Super Attractor. The other seven include:

  1. You Are the Guru
  2. Judgment Detox
  3. The Universe Has Your Back
  4. Miracles Now
  5. May Cause Miracles
  6. Spirit Junkie
  7. Add More ~ing to Your Life

As a person, Gabby Bernstein prides herself on her spirituality. She’s learned about her spiritual side alongside her mother. She says that her spirituality is what saved her in October 2005 when she hit rock bottom.

With her spirituality by her side, she got sober and started becoming a voice for others. Now, she’s a self-proclaimed spirit junkie.

Bernstein has been meditating since the age of 16. Now, she teaches others how to start their own meditative routines.

Another vital piece of her spiritual journey is attraction. She believes in the Law of Attraction and wants us to see how powerful it can be. The Law of Attraction is the main topic of conversation in her novel, Super Attractor.

StoryShot #1: The Universe Is On Our Side

The Super Attractor book tells us that the universe always has our backs, which is a concept that Gabby Bernstein speaks about a lot. She even wrote about the idea in a separate book: The Universe Has Your Back.

In Super Attractor, we hear a little bit more about this idea.

We’re all full of fear and stress. We may think that we’re not living correctly.

We aren’t doing the things we want to be doing. We aren’t fulfilling our wildest dreams. In our eyes, we’re failing.

We may be drowning in debt or dealing with a horrible job. We may be stuck in a loveless marriage or incurring wrath from our children.

Whatever our situation, Super Attractor tells us that the universe is still there for us.

Often, we allow our situation to eat away at us. We feed into the fear and let it take over our lives.

Fearful thinking isn’t going to solve the problem, though. In fact, the book Super Attractor tells us that fearful thinking knocks us out of alignment with positive energy. This misalignment disconnects us from the universe. 

We have to be open to hearing the answers that the universe has to offer. However, we can only hear these answers when we’re aligned.

To create positive energy, we need to forget fearful thinking. We must tell ourselves that everything will be okay because it is most of the time. Our anxieties are the things that are telling us otherwise.

StoryShot #2: We Might Be Blocking Our Success

Super Attractor tells us that we might be the thing blocking our success. Most of us block good feelings in favor of fearful, negative thoughts. We believe that staying negative will protect us from getting our feelings hurt if things go wrong.

Regardless of what we think negative thoughts are doing for us, they are not helping us attract what we want. In fact, they’re probably pushing all of the positive possibilities away.

We have to welcome happiness into our lives to attract what we want. We need to be okay with getting our hopes up and feeling worthy of good things.

When we allow ourselves to think positively, the universe brings us good thoughts and outcomes. We can’t expect positivity from the universe if we don’t give it positivity first.

Whenever you’re thinking negative thoughts, think about how you can spin them into positive ones. How can you turn your fear into faith? How can you turn your negativity into hopefulness?

Taking a step back and thinking more intentionally about our thoughts can help us become attractors. We need to stop reacting to situations. Instead, we should be thinking about how those situations can bring us good things.

Debt can feel like drowning, but it can bring us financial knowledge and control as we pay things off.

The next time you think about not getting your hopes us, think again. Getting excited about something may be the way to bring good things into your life.

StoryShot #3: Don’t Back-Paddle

Once you’ve got the hang of your high vibrations, don’t back-paddle. In other words, don’t go back to how it was before.

Resist the urge to fall back into negative thoughts and emotions. No matter how far you are in your journey with the Law of Attraction, you could lose all of your progress by falling backward. 

We have to remind ourselves that we’re allowed to feel good and have fun. There’s nothing wrong with being thankful for what we have, even if we don’t have a lot.

When others try to bring your happiness down, ignore them. They’re living in their own dark reality while you’re rising to a higher vibration based on gratitude.

Likewise, it would be best if you didn’t let your own conscious bring you down. 

We need to rise above the self-pity and depression our minds try to drag us into. We must resist the urge to feel bad for ourselves and start making things happen.

Positivity and light is the only way to align ourselves with all the universe has to offer. There’s no way to incur these gifts with negativity and darkness.

As we embark on our journies with the Law of Attraction, we need to remember that these changes won’t happen overnight. We need to work on making these changes every single day.

Even one day of back-peddling into old habits can make a difference. Similarly, the people you surround yourself with can deter your vibrations.

StoryShot #4: Feeling Good Is Good

For some reason, we think that feeling good is evil. We may think we’re not allowed to feel good or have positive experiences.

In actuality, feeling good is good. Having positive emotions and experiences is good for us. It leads to even more positive emotions and experiences.

There’s no logical reason for us to ignore good things, but we do anyways. It’s like it’s ingrained in us that we should expect bad things.

We’re so used to viewing life’s challenges as hardships that we may not be able to overcome. In turn, we bog ourselves down with depression and frustration.

Some of us may believe that we can only be happy once we’ve experienced suffering on some level.

In Super Attractor, we learn that it doesn’t have to be like this. We’re allowed to feel happy and worthy of good things no matter what happened in the past.

The best part is that we don’t have to try too hard to get these good things. We can work for them easily. 

The Law of Attraction doesn’t say that we have to provide something to get something else in return. All we have to do is practice positivity. We can attract good things by engaging in positive vibes with the universe. 

The next time that you think you aren’t good enough to feel good, remember that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel good even when things aren’t going your way. It’s okay to feel good even when you think everything is falling apart. 

Remember that you deserve to feel good, and the universe will deliver good things in response to your positivity.

StoryShot #5: We Can Attract More

According to Super Attractor, it’s a common myth that there isn’t enough good luck to go around. We may think that others are taking all of the goodness that the universe has to give out.

Super Attractor tells us that there is plenty. In fact, it stipulates that there’s an endless supply of good things to bless anyone and everyone.

If you think you’re not worthy enough, you may be struggling with imposter syndrome, which is a psychological phenomenon that many successful people deal with.

Regardless of how much success we acquire, we may think we’re not good enough for it. In turn, we think that we’re an imposter in our own lives.

Gabby Bernstein has run into this condition repeatedly. She works with individuals struggling with imposter syndrome through her Spirit Junkie Masterclass. In that class, she discusses how spiritualism can help us become inspired.

It’s important to note that students in these classes come from all walks of life. That means that you’re capable of doing the same.

Cast your doubts aside and let yourself reach your full potential. You’re worthy of anything and everything the universe is willing to give you.

To start inviting these good things in, you need to be protective of your desires and practice positive intentions. Don’t share your goals with people who are going to shoot them down. Likewise, don’t be afraid to speak positively about yourself and your desires.

StoryShot #6: Reverse Aversions

In Super Attractor, we learn that we have to lift the veil to break the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds. To transition between worlds effectively, you need to undergo an internal transformation.

The best way to flip your internal thoughts around is by reversing aversions. In other words, you want to think about the opposite of anything negative.

If you have a negative feeling about a job interview coming up, reverse it. Instead of saying “I’m not going to get this job,” say “if I don’t get this job, there’s a better one out there for me.”

Every time you feel a negative thought creeping up, switch it into a positive one. Each negative thought has a positive spin. You just have to look for it.

Even if you’re drowning in debt right, you can spin that positively. The financial lessons you learn now will support you for a lifetime. Or, you can say that you’ll have a great story to teach others.

No matter the situation, you can spin it positively. Even the darkest times can blossom with appreciation.

StoryShot #7: Appreciation Leads to Joy

According to Super Attractor, joy is the best emotion you can project if you’re looking to increase your vibrations. When we practice joy regularly, we become magnets for good things.

Putting joy into the universe will attract goodness.

The best way to attain joy is by practicing appreciation because appreciation leads to joy. If you’re aware of all the good things around you, you’re more likely to lead a joyful life.

The trick is to practice a constant state of appreciation. A constant practice of appreciation means that you’re always thinking about how lucky you are.

It’s not enough to write three things you’re thankful for at the end of each day, although this is a great practice to incorporate into your daily routine. We have to be thankful throughout the day.

While we’re in a state of appreciation, we can create more of what we want and let go of resistance we may be putting up. 

We can start today by seeking out ways to express our gratitude to the universe. Every time you eat, you can thank the universe for supplying food. Every time you wake up, you can thank the universe for another day.

These small things can add up. Together, they’ll raise your vibration and bring you closer to the universe.

We may even find joy in trying new things. If there’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, go for it. Exploring new activities is a great way to raise your vibrations. 

Even if it doesn’t go well, you can show gratitude to the universe for allowing you to try the activity.

StoryShot #8: Output = Input

We all want a lot from the universe, but many of us aren’t putting in the amount of effort equitable to what we want.

We have to put out what we want to receive back.

Super Attractor explains that we have to work to raise our vibration daily. We don’t have to control each and every thought that runs through our minds. However, we should work on spinning each of our thoughts positively.

In order to raise our vibration, we have to be more mindful in our everyday practices. The best way to do this is by tuning in.

Tuning in with ourselves and the universe allows us to be more aware of our wants and our surroundings. Super Attractor recommends meditation.

Practicing meditation may sound intimidating. After all, some of us believe that meditation is only for the most in-tune individuals.

If you believe that you can’t meditate, knock that belief out now. Anyone can do it, including you.

Meditation can be as simple as focusing on your breathing or counting along with your pulse. It allows us to bring ourselves to a stillness that allows us to connect inwardly.

No matter how scattered your mind is, you can get started today. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a comfortable cross-legged, sitting position
  2. Close your eyes lightly
  3. Bring your attention to the spot between your eyebrows (the third-eye point)
  4. Think about the mantra “Sat Nam” (“truth identified”)
  5. Use your opposite hand to feel the pulse in one of your wrists
  6. Mentally iterate “Sat Nam” each time you feel your heartbeat

We can practice this meditation anytime anywhere. The more you practice, the more benefits of meditation you may experience. 

StoryShot #9: Forget About Taking Control

In Super Attractor, we learn that the Law of Attraction is not about taking control of our surroundings. It’s not even about taking control of our thoughts.

Rather, we’re supposed to let go and give in to the power of the universe. 

As we work harder to become manifestors, the universe will continue turning our dreams into realities. We’ll start to see that life is becoming good again. Life may become so good that we begin to question whether things will start to fall apart soon.

We can’t let these negative emotions get in the way.

If we start wavering in our old ways, we may lose our high vibrations with the universe. In turn, we’ll start losing all of the work we’ve been putting into our manifestations. 

No matter how good things may be, some of us still turn toward fearful thoughts. We think we aren’t good enough for positive things to happen to us. At the same time, these fearful thoughts mess with our spiritual alignment.

How can we avoid this?

In Super Attractor, Gabby Bernstein tells us to use this mantra: “I choose love instead.” These few words can help us bring our mindsets back to a positive state where we can focus on love instead of fear.

It may also help if you accept fear as normal. We’re all fearful from time to time, and we’re all afraid of losing the things we love.

There’s no point in stressing out if you feel your negative thoughts coming through. All you need to do is remind yourself that you’re in control of your thoughts.

You choose whether to focus on positive or negative feelings.

By acknowledging your fear and reeling it back in, you can gain control again. In turn, you can raise your vibration back to the level you need to have with the universe. 

At this point, it may help to remind yourself that feeling good is good for you. The more you feel good, the more good things will come to you. Give yourself permission to move on from your negative thoughts and feel positive ones.

StoryShot #10: Use the “Choose Again” Method

The “Choose Again” method is another thing we learn in Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein. The method consists of three steps that will help us change the way we think. This method can help us finally align with the universe by changing the way we think.

Step one is to notice the thoughts you’re having.

Take a step back if you notice that you’re thinking negative or fearful thoughts. If you’re having trouble identifying whether they’re negative, ask yourself if they’re joyful. Thoughts that aren’t joyful are likely negative.

Analyze your feelings and write them down. You may want to keep a Super Attractor journal to help you keep track of your thoughts as you’re working on learning about the Law of Attraction.

Step two is to forgive the thoughts you had.

Those negative feelings may induce guilt, but you shouldn’t let that emotion in. Since you noticed your negative emotions, it’s time to forgive yourself and celebrate shifting into a more positive mindset.

Thanking our negative feelings can help us move on as well. We can show gratitude for the fact that these negative feelings are helping us figure out what we don’t want. With them gone, we can focus on what we do want.

In your Super Attractor journal, you may want to write these negative thoughts done and accompany each one with a thankful statement.

The third and final step is to choose again. At this point, you’re trying to find the best feeling you can at the moment. You can also ask the universe to guide you in making that decision.

Super Attractor Quotes

What did you learn from the summary of Super Attractor? What was your favorite takeaway? Is there an important insight that we missed? Comment below or tweet to us @storyshots.

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