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Summary of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 am)

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This is a book for the ones motivated to improve some aspects of their lives. In particular, health, happiness, love life, finances, awareness, and spirituality.

He suggests a daily morning routine to help us improve and grow our success. Thanks to this method, we will “prevail on our mediocrity” and we will live our lives to “its full potential” by setting aside excuses we make up in order to joyfully procrastinate.

“Great stuff!” you might think. But in order to do so, you will have to completely rethink how you wake up in the morning. Ouch.

20-year-old Hal Elrod is a successful and happy man. Until he is badly hurt in a car accident.
Unable to move, doctors told him that he would probably never walk again.

Positive thinker, he is convinced that everything happens for a reason. His accident is somehow a way to “successfully come back to life”. He regains the use of his legs, becomes a coach and the best salesman of his company. Form there, he starts writing a book about self-improvement.

Everything falls apart again in 2007 during the stock market crash. His clients, who are broke, cannot work with him anymore and his publisher vanishes with all the profits of his first book. Covered in debts and depressed, Hal sinks into despair.

Then comes along a friend that convinces him to go for a run in the morning to “clear things out”. This has such a positive effect on our friend Hal that he turns it a daily morning routine. Within a few months, Hal is back on track, married, coaching, lecturing and richer than he ever was (AMMMUUUURICA!!).

He basically asks a simple but yet very blunt question to his readers:
“Now that you are an adult, are you the person, do you have the job and do you have all you had dreamed of? Or, did you lower your life expectations?”

According to him, his morning routine will “allow ourselves to attract, create, experience and sustain the success we are supposedly craving for”

If You’re Too Busy, Try This 6-Minute Version

Minute One… (Silence)

Imagine waking up in the morning, and instead of rushing carelessly into your hectic day—feeling stressed and overwhelmed—imagine that you instead spend the first minute sitting in purposeful Silence. You sit, very calm, very peaceful, and you breathe deeply, slowly. Maybe you say a prayer of gratitude to appreciate the moment, or pray for guidance on your journey. Maybe, you decide to try your first minute of meditation. As you sit in silence, you’re totally present in the now, in the moment. You calm your mind, relax your body, and allow all of your stress to melt away. You develop a deeper sense of peace, purpose, and direction…

Minute Two… (Affirmations)

You pull out your daily Affirmations—the ones that remind you of your unlimited potential and your most important priorities—and you read them out loud from top to bottom. As you focus on what’s most important to you, your level of internal motivation increases. Reading over the reminders of how capable you really are, gives you a feeling of confidence. Looking over what you’re committed to, what your purpose is, and what your goals are re-energizes you to take the actions necessary to live the life you truly want, deserve, and now know is possible for you…

Minute Three… (Visualization)

You close your eyes, or you look at your vision board, and you visualize. Your Visualization could include your goals, what it will look and feel like when you reach them. You visualize the day going perfectly, see yourself enjoying your work, smiling and laughing with your family, or your significant other, and easily accomplishing all that you intend to accomplish for that day. You see what it will look like, you feel what it will feel like, and you experience the joy of what you will create…

Minute Four… (Scribing)

Imagine, pull out your journal, and in your journal, you take a minute to write down what you’re grateful for, what you’re proud, and the results you’re committed to creating for that day. Doing so, you put yourself in an empowered, inspired, and confident state of mind.

Minute Five… (Reading)

Then, you grab your self-help book and invest one miraculous minute reading a page or two. You learn a new idea, something that you can implement into your day. You discover something new that you can use to feel better — to be better.

Minute Six… (Exercise)

Finally, you stand up and you spend the last minute, doing jumping jacks for 60 seconds and getting your heart rate up and getting energized and waking yourself up and increasing your ability to be alert and to focus.

How would YOU feel if that’s the 6-minute you started your day with? How would the quality of your day and your life improve?

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